Professional, One of a kind works of art by Canadial artist
Theresa Schulin

About the Artist

Theresa Schulin grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and has always had a passion for art from an early age. From drawing countless portraits of horses and people in elementary school to producing paintings and mixed media works in high school, she felt that creating art was not only an important form or self expression, but also a wonderful way to have an emotional impact on people and affect them in a positive way.

After highschool, Theresa was accepted into the Fine Arts Program at McMaster University where she broadened her artistic abilities and further developed her skills in painting and drawing.  She finished university with a greater knowledge of art and graduated with an Honours degree in Art and Art History.

Several years after graduating from university, Theresa was given the opportunity to work abroad and travel the world.  She visited many places during this time including Turkey, Russia, Scandinavia, South America, Africa and Europe and was greatly inspired by the diversity of the people and their cultures. She was also able to immerse herself in the art and architecture of the many countries she visited and was especially inspired and moved by the masterpieces she saw in Italy, Turkey, Greece and the Hermitage Museum in Russia.

Art continues to play a significant role in Theresa’s life and she enjoys sharing her love of art with others through the portraits she creates.  She feels privileged to be able to capture cherished family moments with a unique, one of a kind piece of art that can be treasured for a life time.

Theresa met her husband, Klaus, while working abroad.  They live in Hamilton with their son Tristan..